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Personnel recruitment in the luxury sector

Renato Mosca, founder and CEO of Training Luxury, expert consultant in training, selection and coaching in the world of luxury, outlines the new landscape of the sector and proposes techniques of personnel recruitment and training to achieve success.

The recruitment of personnel in the luxury sector has always been quite complicated due to the peculiarities of the sector. Often, the demands of the brands, in terms of technical or relational skills, are utopian and based on the trends of the moment.

“When we are entrusted with a selection process, the biggest difficulty that we find is understanding exactly what the company is looking for, more than researching the profiles of the candidates.” Reveals Renato Mosca, founder and CEO of Training Luxury.

“In the selection process, we have to have a different approach. Selection based on a traditional curriculum no longer works. When Training Luxury decided to also take on the selection of personnel, we did it with the same philosophy applied to training. Really understanding the values of the client, the culture, the working environment, the needs in terms of time and understanding expectations. Not offering a “one size fits all” service but adapting it to the client.”


What is the role of the new seller?

Unlike shopping online, purchases from a physical shop should be “emotional”, provide an experience and make the customer fall in love with the brand, in addition to the product they wish to buy. The relationship element is the key.


“Transition from the exclusive to the inclusive sector.”

 Democratization has meant that, particularly in more accessible categories, luxury is consumed in and extraordinary way by ordinary people. The dissemination on social media by millennials is leading to a transformation of the traditional values of luxury. So, more than saying “exclusivity”, we can talk about “inclusivity”.

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