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Discover Collezioni Donna new issue. All about spring/summer 2018

Colour, colour and more colour

Issue 176 of Collezioni Donna highlights how Spring/Summer 2018 promises to be an exciting season characterised by a generous and bold use of colour and of patterns and prints.

In order to do so, this issue examines in depth all the most important trends suggested by established brands and emerging labels on the Milan and New York catwalks during the respective Fashion Weeks and in presentations, showrooms, events and trade shows.

Hence the focus on the three macro trends of Rainbow, Red and Pink and on other equally relevant trends focused on colours such as the unmissable White and the ever-present Metallics as well as Prints and Patterns, more specifically Multicoloured Stripes and Flowers.

The accurate analysis of the different dimensions of the colour palette sits alongside the study of the current vogue for new updated versions of Shirts and Blouses as well as for necklines that playfully and seductively leave one or both Shoulders uncovered. Equally alluring and tantalising are the new variations on the Manlike theme that sit perfectly well alongside classic feminine details such as Sequins and Crystals, Lace, Feathers, Frills and àRuches. This issue also illustrates and examines how trends such as Logomania, Sporty, Denim, Nude, Animal Prints, Folk have been reinterpreted in Milan and New York.

This issue of Collezioni Donna focuses, as usual, also on the work of specific established designers and brands, such as Gucci, Prada, Versace, Marni, Antonio Marras, but also Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein, whose collections summarised at best the colourful and energetic spirit of Spring/Summer 2018, showing the way ahead not just for the upcoming warmer season but also for seasons to come.

As usual, the Lookbook section is dedicated to the Pre-Spring collections by the likes of Thom Browne, Alberta Ferretti, Aquiliano Rimondi and Each Other.

We also feature a number of international Fashion Weeks and Trade Shows including Chic China and Gallery. Last but not least, this issue includes a number of articles about exhibitions about fashion, art, photography and other creative expressions in museums and galleries across the world.




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