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The Small Gatsby GmbH

The Small Gatsby: a perfect collection for an endless summer

“L’Autrichienne”, the new S/S 18 collection for The Small Gatsby, is a tribute to the childhood years of Marie Antoinette of Austria, the young daughter of Maria Teresa of Austria, inspired by the 300th  anniversary of the empress’ birthday.
In an “endless summer” in Vienna, the brand brings to mind the light-heartedness of being young, innocent, and free from all worries. Soft fabric is a second skin, while wearing cotton crêpe, tulle, poplin, and garments with abundant volumes in white silk, linen, and soft wool. It’s like walking barefoot in the grass.
The Small Gatsby garments promise precise designs, the result of excellent craftsmanship by pattern-makers and weavers who work to find the traditional values ​​of artisanal heritage. The clothes and accessories speak for themselves and lead us towards that innocence that has been lost over time.


the_small_gatsby_softgold_-9874 2a
the_small_gatsby_softgold_-8344 2
the_small_gatsby_softgold_-0412 2
the_small_gatsby_softgold_-8368 2
the_small_gatsby_softgold_-8928 2
the_small_gatsby_softgold_-0349 2
the_small_gatsby_softgold_-7971 2
the_small_gatsby_softgold_-9909 2
the_small_gatsby_softgold_-8274 2
the_small_gatsby_softgold_-9127 2
the_small_gatsby_softgold_-9874 2a
the_small_gatsby_softgold_-9070 2
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