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Tollegno 1900, ever more advanced in the world of fashion and accessories.

Wool, the oldest and most natural fiber in the world, lent itself to an advanced and unique alternative, creating the surprising ShoeSocks, with a concept by Sandonini, a leading company in the textile machinery sector from Brescia. The innovative 3D footwear is a two-in-one shoe-sock: a single upper integrated with a seamless sole, totally customizable with stitches, colors, styles, and different models. This footwear prototype is destined to become a “must have” for the seasons to come. The idea of ​​testing Harmony 4.0 on the ShoeSocks collection came from Sandonini’s creativity and Tollegno 1900’s continuous research. Harmony 4.0 (version 2/30), the innovative Tollegno 1900 yarn, is perfect in terms of resistance, yield, and water-repellent capacity for this new creation. In a constantly evolving market, the partnership between Sandonini and Tollegno1900 demonstrates how the combination between excellent and high-performing materials, as well as experimentation, technique, and creativity, lead to original solutions.