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Let’s all go to the beach WITH IL GUFO

The new Il Gufo collection has an instant wow factor thanks to  its incessant wavering between sophisticated 1930’s references and moods full of energy, with a sparkling cheerful style reminiscent of animal life among corals. The shapes and volumes are naturally flowing, very contemporary, with silhouettes with character and romance for the girls like the lightweight flouncy dresses with embroideries alongside the more contemporary jumpsuits and trousers in denim and the tops with fluorescent details.

For boys, many references to the world of the sea and to sea navigation: from the classic blue and white stripes worn under a blazer to prints depicting waves as well as marine landscapes and animals. The innovative new developments, the matching of different garments, the fabric treatments are increasingly functional to the shapes and volumes of items designed for different occasions, with the utmost respect for the needs of even the most active children.

Very innovative, the range of garments made of Sensitive Fabrics materials that allowed Il Gufo to experiment with a new dimension of activewear aesthetics, combining the performance of materials with its signature style. For boys, therefore, more technical pieces strictly in blue, while for girls the fabrics are constructed with refined and feminine shapes and details. Also available, an eco-friendly garment, a cardigan with a Liberty bow made of yarn obtained from recycled plastic bottles. As always, the chromatic variations dictate the rhythm of the collection, in perfect harmony with evocative seaside landscapes. The intensity of the palette is surprising: red and yellow create unusual flashes of colour among classic tones of blue and fluorescent touches that give originality to everyday looks. All-over prints, hand-made embroideries and appliqués tell about the beauty of a nature to needs to be protected.

Floating jellyfish, three-dimensional corals, seahorses and tropical fish animate and embellish even the simplest items, often available in total white. And after the end of a long deep dive, we get back  to the surface, where the weather warms up and classic Nordic maritime style is transformed thanks to a palette of colonial hues and shades. While the freshness of the fabrics, the linen and the straw used for hats and bags make us dream of sun-soaked Central America landscapes.