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Worldwide tour – Primadonna Collection

A trip around the world for a collection filled with interesting proposals

The Spring/Summer 2017 by Primadonna Collection is a true fusion of worlds and styles that, although different, have in common details relating to the iconic 1970’s and 1980’s as well as to the post-modern architecture of those big metropolises where the Primadonna Collection women are perfectly at ease, thanks, partly and above all, to this really comprehensive futuristic and elegant collection. Those who wear the Primadonna Collection footwear know very well the world they live in and are ready to confidently walk the streets of the entire globe thanks to a collection with a double soul: preppy and ladylike but also boho and chic.

The references are countless. They range from the wonderful skylines of metropolises like New York, London, Shanghai, Tokyo for the dress shoes and more generally for all the high-heeled styles to holidays in Ibiza in the 1970’s for the high-heeled espadrilles and in Capri in the 1960’s, just like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, for the flip-flops decorated with large stones, rhinestones and gold, all the way to today’s Los Angeles underground scene for the shiny sneakers and the gold or silver lace-ups.

Observing the different styles of the collection is, indeed, comparable to a tour through the four corners of the world in company of cosmopolitan globe trotters who are perfectly conscious of who they are and know perfectly well what they should wear. The gladiator sandals are reminiscent of ancient Greece while the very high heels ones that reveal the feet of the wearer are a quotation from some iconic Helmut Newton photographs. The colour palette is very bright with unforgettable intense reds and blues and with matte and shiny silver and gold, one of the leitmotifs of the entire collection, just as the use of natural colours and materials, from leather and wood to cork and rope.


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