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Z Zegna in the sign of Tennis

Z Zegna presents the new international campaign of the season starring the German tennis star Alexander “Sascha” Zverev and the model Jin Dachuan. The shots show the Wash & Go collection in techmerino wool, patented by the brand. On stage, in a battle between man and machine, the powerful athletic and performing abilities of the garments are photographed in the foreground, for high performances and dynamic situations. Suits, jackets, bomber jackets, t-shirts and trousers, made from Z Zegna in quick-drying wool, ultra light and fresh, stretch, useful to be used also for overlapping with mesh, in bright colors. ‘Techmerino Wash & Go’ is an intelligent and extremely breathable fabric that offers perfect thermoregulation against heat and cold, helping to keep the skin dry and the body temperature constant. A pure Merino wool natural fabric treated with special finishing techniques, which make every garment quick to wash and to be weared, after simply hanging. <BT>