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Zegna’s Toyz collection for Christmas

A gift of manufacturing excellence made of woven leather, realized with very thin strips tassel.

Ermenegildo Zegna presents the new Zegna’s Toyz collection, accessories and design entertainment items dedicated to modern man and projected for different moments of the day.

‘Essential’ includes small leather goods dedicated to professional life, such as pockets, a business card holder, agenda, and eyeglass case.

‘Toys’ selects travel, leisure and entertainment games, such as dominoes, playing cards and the game cube.

‘Technological’ meets technological and multimedia demands such as headphones, turntables, earphones and loudspeakers, made in collaboration with Master & Dynamic, a well-known brand for the production of sophisticated audio equipment.

Zegna’s Toyz will be available in Zegna worldwide stores and Zegna.com


<Barbara Tassara>