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Levi’s® Engineered Jeans™ – legend with a modern twist and an avantgarde design

In the digital age, every bit of information is fast, always in a perpetual whirlwind, an incessant rush towards innovation. Even the quest for vintage items, able to give a rich allure, a certain “je ne sais quoi”, has moved to social networks. Constant sociological change is fleeting, the desire to have everything is great.

And so Levi’s® responds to this need for immediacy, illuminating one of 1999’s most important pieces with a melancholic spotlight: Levi’s® Engineered Jeans™.  An enthralling, revisited, contemporary style inspired by the end of the 1990s. A modern wardrobe.

The stylistic line is highlighted by an advanced design where innovation maximizes comfort and freedom of movement. Conceived with 3D technology and four-way stretch fabric, ergonomically curved side seams, and the pointed spur from the original collection, new impetus is given to one of the brand’s living legends.

by Sara Baroni





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