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A futuristic collaboration between Clarks Originals and Black Panther, the new movie by Marvel Studios

Black Panther, one of the most anticipated films of the year, most certainly will be making its mark in the world of fashion, partly thanks to the collaboration with the well-known British brand Clarks Originals.

The fighting spirit of the exciting Marvel Studios movie is transferred into a new special edition reissue of the iconic Trigenic Evo by Clarks, now the most futuristic shoe style on the market.

Inspired by return of the protagonist T’Challa to Wakanda, the world’s richest and most technologically advanced country, the colours and materials of the shoes derive from the futuristic suit worn by T’Challa, which is made of vibranium, a fictional innovative material characterised by an opaque black colour that has been transferred to the shoes to create a truly technologically advanced look.

The indissoluble link between art and culture present in the movie perfectly fits with the values ​​of the British brand, which has always been worn by those who are at the forefront in the fields of culture and art. The meticulous attention to detail of the costume of the T’Challa is perfectly reinterpreted by Clarks Original, whose special edition shoes are packaged in a black box characterised by the emblem of a black panther in silver paper and UV stickers on the side.

By Sara Baroni

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