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Oriental Fashion Show: between luxury and tradition

Oriental Haute Couture in the heart of Marrakech

After Paris, the Oriental Fashion Show – the fashion event that promotes designers who are inspired by oriental culture – continues its journey towards luxury and tradition, with a series of events organized abroad.

On September 21st and 22nd  2018, in Marrakech, one of the most fascinating cities in Morocco, designers will present their collections at the Royal Mansour Hotel. Here, their sartorial work will transmit oriental heritage, projected towards an international vision of fashion.

A rebirth in the fashion world of Middle Eastern countries, which would not have been possible without Hind Joudar, president of the Route de la Soie et d’Al Andalus association. A supporter of oriental fashion, Hind launched the first Oriental Fashion Show in Paris in 2004, proposing oriental luxury and finesse. A high-end world, where the concept becomes the perfect showcase for designers who want to establish themselves in the fashion world. In the upcoming edition of the Oriental Fashion Show, collections by young and talented designers will alternate with creations by  established masters.

Many renowned names have already participated in these fashion shows including: Hany El Behairy – designer of great prestige in the Arab and international fashion scene, Saher Okal – winner of “Project Runway Middle East” and, finally, the talented Russian stylist, artist, graphic designer, and theatrical costume creator, Slava Zaitsev.
Don’t miss out on this exceptional event where collections by Zynep Erdogan, Souhil Amari, Hany el Behairy, Jean Fares, Siham Tazi, Tasmim Zobaer, Patrick Boffa, Menouba and many others will soon walk the runways in Marrakech.

Bouchera - Peninsula 4
ID Maroc - Crillon
Keti - Crillon 8
Hany El behairy - Peninsula
ID Maroc - Crillon 4
Hany El behairy - Peninsula 5
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