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Angelo Cruciani describes the latest Yezael collection

I like to think about the possibility of creating something new: every time someone asks you a question you do not expect is like opening a door to a world that you would have never explored.

The ‘Love Power’ collection was born in Berlin during a New Year trip, a journey into sexuality, experimenting, being courageous, fun in sex shops and in prohibited or questionable establishments, into sexuality understood as a dialogue, as a library, as exploration. I wanted to continue my journey exploring love in its most physical meaning, a meaning that we normally censor, for example the male member and female masturbation, two taboos that are not normally addressed in polite society.

I think the time has come for fashion to play with these themes a little bit more. We do everything to cover ourselves: fashion must help people to express themselves therefore to uncover ourselves. By exploring these taboos I wanted to play around with what is normally forbidden to reveal: I tried to do it with irony, with taste and especially with a classic approach. Therefore the collection has spicy but ironic prints and patterns, just as ‘Pink Power’ and ‘Army of Love’, my two previous collections that contain, for example, an American flag made with hearts instead of stars. Incidentally, ‘Pink Power’ continues to be a capsule collection within the Spring/Summer collection: it expresses the social part of my vision and is another step in my journey exploring love.



Fashion must have a social role: within this role I would like to bring a certain dose of sweetness, especially in such violent times, that tries to counter with its sweet messages the waves of violence that affect us all so closely. I believe in these numerous small signals, such as a stylish man nonchalantly wearing pink as a clear and strong opposition to a man who does not give himself the chance to go beyond stereotypes. I believe that changing the codes of power using codes of sweetness is a big step forward.

The Yezael man has a strong feminine side that men normally keep very well hidden. He wants to experience it and share it with the world. He is a man who wants to be free from male stereotypes, who wants to play with humour, courage, provocativeness, sensuality, with that side that he is asked to hide by society.

I really love men who have the courage to cry in front of women and even more those men who have the courage to cry in front of other men as well as people who cry tears of happiness. The Yezael man is indeed a sensitive man.


by Alberto Caselli Manzini

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