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The launch of else.shoes at theMICAM

The new initiative is an integral customisation platform for the footwear industry

The Virtual Retail company ELSE Corp, alongside its main business partners, launched at theMICAM, the international B2B footwear trade show in Milan whose last edition ended on September 20th, a revolutionary experimental platform for the footwear industry called else.shoes™. The result of more than two years of technology research and numerous trial tests and pilot projects, else.shoes™ came about thanks to the firm support of the ELSE Corp’s partners and customers.

During this long learning journey, the Virtual Reality company had the opportunity to collaborate with key strategic partners, brands, retailers and other startups, focused on customized footwear and industrial made-to-measure, as well as leading CAD, ICT and leading industrial production companies.

The ELSE Corp solution for Virtual Retail involved many contributors, both at the initial stage of the project when the E.L.S.E. the acronym for “Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience”, designed for 3D customisation of fashion products was created and developed, and more recently with the launch of the new startup project, the Real Time Fashion System (RTFS). In addition, the contributors have become partners of the ELSE.ai team that is competing in the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE®, the international contest on artificial intelligence and cognitive computing that challenges the teams to develop and demonstrate how humans can work with the powerful Artificial Intelligence technology to face the big changes in our world.




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