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FASHION WEEK ACCESSORIES: Some tips on what to bring with you!

by Maurizio Francesconi

The imminent arrival of four different fashion weeks causes an inexhaustible sequence of very big existential questions. One in particular has, sometimes, the upper hand over the others: “which accessories should we wear?”. Here is a list of accessories that we believe are among the most appealing for the season to come.

Let’s start with the cashmere hats and scarves by the great Scottish cashmere brand Barrie, owned by Chanel: soft and warm, which is essential, decorated with jacquard motifs, easily storable inside a bag or a coat pocket when the sun peeps through clouds. Again focusing on the cold weather, as not all women are willing to go out without tights or stockings in the months of February and March, may we suggest the jacquard socks by London duo Eley Kishimoto in different shades of red, green, blue, orange in order to give a splash of colour even to the greyest and darkest of days.

Eley KishimotoEley Kishimoto

From the New York brand Rebecca Pinto we selected the simple but wonderful Mauca handmade silver bracelet: a minimalist design perfect to be worn at any time of the year, even if silver is usually associated with summer. If you like to wear earrings, we think that the most beautiful ones are those created by the New York jeweller Ted Muehling: small and with a kind of elegance hard to match, with precious and semi-precious stones that lighten up the face of the wearer. Ted Muehling again for those who wear they hair long because his hair clips shaped as a bird’s beak are some of the most beautiful ones we have ever seen. The satin silver one is definitely our favourite. We also chose the Voids ring by JEM: a wide band in yellow gold with a series of even holes, modern, comfortable, easy to wear even when wearing gloves.

Rebecca PintoRebecca Pinto
Ted MuehlingTed Muehling

Those who prefer to wear the twelve carat diamond ring inherited by their grandmother have our approval as we never say no to a vintage single diamond ring. The shoes we chose are by Maison Margiela, Very comfortable ankle boots with heels that aren’t too high, with a pattern of small holes, a trend that we are rather passionate about this season as it reminds us of Lucio Fontana, a perfect interpretation of the Maison Margiela fashion aesthetics, available in matte black, matte red or matte dust. Last but certainly not least, the bag. We opted for the iconic heritage French brand Moynat that since 1849 has been supplying French ladies with ultra-luxurious handbags. The prices are very high but, as they say, you get what you pay for. The new collection is incredibly modern and very interesting and still comprises of the styles that made the brand famous. You can choose from clutch bags, comfortable and roomy tote bags, like the really beautiful Race Velours, small cubic mini vanity bags which certainly are one of the must have items from this old heritage Parisian Maison.

Maison MargielaMaison Margiela
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