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Alberto Zambelli autumn winter 2018/19

The transition from a single individual to a “one over many”, Alberto Zambelli starts from a philosophical consideration of a Platonic type, which identifies that primordial gesture in an embrace, capable of re- composing in a single element the two halves in which it had been split. An allegorical and suggestive language, which reinterprets the embrace by the artist Sergej Michajlovič Ėjzenštejn, translating it into geometric graphics with a neoclassical flavor, distributed across un- structured garments with undulating lines. Enveloping sartorial outer- wear, sophisticated pleated skirts, long or midi dresses. An intimate and cultured collection, infallible in its construction and emotionally engaging.

see on Collezioni Donna n.178

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Zabelli 2 _Donna178_web_Page_1
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