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Since 5 July 2020, the campaign promoted by CELC has involved the most creative brand from fashion to design, from lifestyle to interior decoration. I love linen 20202: the windows of numerous shops in Milan flourish with the heart symbol of the event. In addition to being natural, sustainable, eclectic, contemporary, linen is also ethical and social. In collaboration with Borseggi, the tailoring of the male prison of Milano-Opera, and with a project of the social cooperative Opera in Fiore which promotes the work of disadvantaged people for the realization of Fibra Research and Adriana Fortunato atelier. For the AMO IL LINO event, the campaign promoted by the European Linen and Hemp Confederation (CELC), the Etel Gallery in Milan hosts until 5 July Fibra Research by Adriana Fortunato and Caterina Fumagalli.On display art design creations of the research project that investigates the construction and deconstruction of high quality fabrics. Fibra research creates furnishing accessories and products, in limited edition or unique pieces, which respect natural fibers.There are also two free textile construction exercises, belonging to the collection of unique “noloom” pieces as well as a set up for a contemporary table through a selection of 100% hand made linen products from the atelier Adriana Fortunato.


http://master of linen

http://european flax

http://fibra research