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Basic 2000

Neo basic is the definition par excellence of this new comfortable style. You can wear a jumpsuit without being predictable or unfashionable or too streety.

Nasha kidsNasha kids


With an inclination towards style, in general, is how 2000 can be defined. Those clearly distinct boundaries between classic, sporty, comfortable, or elegant no longer exist. A major trend is that of merging styles under a larger umbrella, therefore, pleasing everyone, even the more demanding.

Dimensione DanzaDimensione Danza
Une FilleUne Fille

This is where we make room for soft cotton pants. Warm, comfortable, but absolutely trendy. Prints are minimal and forms are avant-garde. Lapsing into banality and appearing untidy is impossible. Details make the difference. Something we all know very well.




Dimensione Danza_www.dimensionedanza.com

DKNY_ www.dkny.com

Kyme Junior_kymesunglasses.com

Nasha kids_www.nashakids.com

Une Fille_ www.groupecwf.com


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