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Bugaboo collaborates with We Are Handsome

 Following the success of the main range, Bugaboo creates a second limited edition accessory collection in collaboration with the activewear Australian brand.


The accessory collection created by two brands with a strong passion for design is a true homage to summer. The prints, featuring tropical leaves on which colourful toucans are perched, are instantly recognizable and highlight the creativity and passion for travelling that the two brands have in common.

The accessories are available for all Bugaboo buggies, in both black & white and colour variations. Winter and summer canopies made of UPF 50+ fabric have mesh windows that let the air circulate. Another wonderful accessory is the highly breathable breezy seat that guarantees comfort and freshness even on the hottest or coldest days.

Everything you need is carried with style in the Bugaboo by We Are Handsome Mammoth Bag. Distinguished by the toucan print, a distinctive trait of the collection, and by a bright yellow coating, the bag is indeed very spacious.

The Bugaboo by We Are Handsome collection is available for purchase at selected dealers since April 2018.


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