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Cindy Chao : fine jewelry

Vibrant and Real

[Image] CINDY CHAO The Art Jewel Flower Bud Brooch

 Flower Bud of Life

Artistic interpretations and craftsmanship of the highest level conceal what’s behind Cindy Chao’s creations. The daughter of a sculptor, who made his words her own: “Regardless of the subject, the final piece must be as vibrant as it is in real life. Obser ve  the  object,  pay  attention  to  the  tiniest details, and then, with your heart and soul, put into forms what you’ve perceived.” The heart of her new “Black Label Masterpiece” collection is the Floral Bud  of  life,  a  tribute  to  nature.  Faceted-cut  and cabochon emeralds are encased in a diamond-drift titanium floret. A unique charm is embodied in its different shades of green. The West has long been captivated by the magic of the Orient, expressed in the colors and elegance of Cindy’s precious works of art.

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