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Italian retail debut for Freitag

by Peppe Orrù
The first ever Freitag store in Italy is now open in Milan
A new interesting development in Italy for Freitag. The Swiss brand, famous all over the world for its unique bags made of recycled tarpaulin, has recently opened its very first Italian flagship store in the vibrating creative heart of Milan.

Located in Viale Pasubio, 8, the shop is situated inside a characteristic 19th century former industrial building. Its minimalist interior design focuses on low key yet effective utilitarian features like the exposed brickwork walls and vaults ceilings, the metal display units either in steel grey or pale green, the granite pillars, the packaging boxes cleverly used for both storage and display.

Available in the first Italian flagship store over 1500 one-off bags in different colours, styles and shapes as well a wide range of other accessories and the men’s and women’s apparel collections made of the signature Freitag F-ABRIC eco-materials, which are 100% biodegradable.


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