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Pin 1876 is a new line of accessories produced by Botto Giuseppe & Figli. From the most precious cashmere coming from Alashan, a region of the Chinese Inner Mongolia a very thin thread whose performances are unique and exclusive is produced. 100cashmere trans-seasonal scarves, characterised by unique, special working processes, manufactured in the factories of Valle Mosso (Biella) and Tarcento (Udine), by Botto Giuseppe & Figli S.p.A. The collection boasts a wide variety of colours that, ranging from 50 plain colours to 20 melange ones, which enhance structures and patterns, thus making our product unique and unmistakable on the market. Pin 1876 is a new line in accessories manufactured entirely in the facilities of Botto Giuseppe & Figli in Valle Mosso (Biella) and Cascami Seta 1872 in Tarcento (Udine).This unique combination of tradition and modernity is the basis for our collections, destined for an increasingly demanding clientele with a keen eye for quality, style and the trends of the times. The Pin 1876 collection uses only the highest quality, scrupulously selected and prized fibres. Spun, woven and finished entirely on the premises, fibres like Cashmere and Silk,are skilfully transformed into unique and highly prized products, likewise manufactured and finished entirely in our establishments, for a product truly “Made in Italy”. The accessories are distributed all over the world.