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Figures of Speech

The first museum exhibition dedicated to the creative flair of Virgil Abloh in Chicago.

by Decio Vitali

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago presents Figures of Speech, the first exhibition dedicated to the works of the versatile artist, Virgil Abloh. Born in 1980 in Rockford, Illinois, to parents emigrated from Ghana, Virgil Abloh completed his university studies in engineering and architecture. Yet, from an early age, he cultivated a great interest for music, fashion, and design. The exhibition focuses on the creative process that makes Virgil Abloh the pioneer of a new artistic discipline, able to extend through various media and to find expression in in-deep collaborations with visual artists, musicians, graphic designers, stylists, and architects. A talent that is always on the move, with an approach towards fashion that is rooted in Chicago’s urban culture and evolves into a fun game of deconstructing clothes, inspired by Duchamp’s works ofart. Set in an immersive atmosphere – designed by Samir Bantal, director of AMO, the division of Rem Koolhaas’ architectural firm – the exhibition offers a detailed space related to the most important milestones of Abloh’s career: from his collaboration with rapper Kanye West, to the launch of his Off-White streetwear brand, from designing furniture for IKEA, to his role as artistic director for Louis Vuitton’s menswear line. The exhibition includes a program of interdisciplinary proposals that reflect Abloh’s range of interests through music, fashion, architecture, and design. The catalog of the exhibition also offers an account of his collaborations and creative works.

Figures of Speech will be open to the public from June 10th to September 22nd, 2019 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.