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The commitment of Carvico, Jersey Lomellina and Aquafil together with Healthy Seas for sustainable fashion

The United Nations’ World Oceans Day is celebrated on 8 June to raise public awareness of marine pollution. Among the companies committed to the front line for the protection of the oceans there are three all-Italian protagonists: Carvico, Jersey Lomellina and Aquafil who have been working for years to promote a sustainable fashion industry, to innovate in their areas of expertise, always giving great importance to the sustainability. In order to respect the environment through practical actions aimed at improving the health of our planet, Aquafil created ECONYL® in 2011, a regenerated polyamide yarn made from 100% waste materials and pre and post consumer waste materials, including also fishing nets recovered from the seabed. Carvico and Jersey Lomellina’s commitment to the environment passes through virtuous and courageous industrial choices but also through the choice to offer its customers eco-fabrics produced with recycled raw materials. Carvico, together with Jersey Lomellina, has held the exclusivity of the ECONYL® thread since 2013 for the creation of fabrics for the manufacture of swimwear. Confirming its commitment Aquafil in 2013 founded Healthy Seas – a Journey from waste to wear, an environmental initiative that has as its main objective the cleaning of the seas and oceans from fishing nets stranded in wrecks or found in the seabed . Carvico and Jersey Lomellina were among the first to participate in the initiative by becoming a partner. “I am very proud – says Giulio Bonazzi, CEO of Aquafil – that our company is a founding partner of this unique initiative of its kind. With Healthy Seas we make sure to decrease the phenomenon of ghost nets as much as possible and that nets abandoned by fishermen instead of ending up in landfills are regenerated in our plant together with other nylon waste to become new ECONYL® yarn, a sustainable solution for the fashion industry”. “The logic behind Carvico’s choice to support Healthy Seas, – says Stefano Eretti, General Manager of Carvico – is that of being close to an important partner with whom we share one of our most appreciated missions. The commitment to collaborate so that the fashion supply chain is increasingly sustainable is fundamental and who, like us, produces fabrics, has a great responsibility”.




photo @PYCousteau_Cousteau Divers