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Powerful inspirations

For the next colder season the yarns by Igea are more graphic, almost sculpted, with clear and graphical aspects, evident in the wool twist threads, but also in the mohair yarns to which they give particularly polished aspects. The pleasantly unmissable soft
enveloping touch remains a winter must. There are also compact, but always very light, textures: it is no coincidence that the gaug- es increasingly tend to be finer to create impalpable knits. The most extrovert and showy moods are interpreted by very on-trend fur and plastic effects. For both shapes and colours, sports, from golf to horse riding, from motoring to cycling, are a great source
of inspiration for easy and comfortable styles. The color chart ranges from earthy to burnt tones, from delicate pastels to camel, a nuance of significant importance, and lights up with shades of red. The choice of natural and precious fibres rewards European spinning mills, whereas the quest for particular yarns is focused on the most important Chinese textile brands.

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