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GEOFFREY B. SMALL Prêt-à-porter a/w 2018-19

Initially planned to offer a light, easy, and beautiful presentation of the designer’s most advanced, new, extreme handmade women’s clothing concepts – giving a nod to Fellini, inspired by a Dolce & Gabbana atmopshere, and also Neapolitan songs, with works of music by Renato Carosone and Roberto Murolo and a live dance and theatrical performance presentation by Matilde Canuti, Tatiana Anisimova, and Anastasia Glushkova – Geoffrey B. Small’s “Get Set”, instead, featured Alice Dbsl in a stunning surprise character role, dedicated to “Nonna Graziella”, Matilde Canuti, the passing of generations, and the dignity and honor of hard-working women in Italy, and everywhere else in this mad, mad crazy world.

Collezioni Donna n.179

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Geoffrey B. Small
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