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IHGF Delhi Fair: mixtures of timeless classics and contemporary influences

The incomparable quality in the finishing of Indian manual works will boast an exhibition space of great importance in the design world. Inspirations and raw materials will be on display from October the 16th to October the 20th at the luxurious India Expo Center & Mart in New Delhi, in occasion of IHGF Delhi Fair-Autumn 2019 event.

The fair will vaunt the presence of over 3200 exhibitors, whose characteristic matrix is an assembly able to combine timeless classics with contemporary influences; captivating compositions of craft innovations and fusions will be introduce. The trade fair, now in its 48th edition, has consistently inspired global procurement for over two decades is a research platform capable of understanding fashion supply chain, home utilities, collectibles, gifts and fashion accessories .

The event will stage over 2,000 products and 300 specific design developments, subdivided into 14 exhibition segments. The Indian handicraft will have the opportunity to be enhanced through the exquisite mixture of processes, such as the inimitable handloom combined with the electric one through the use of researching fiber for natural organic products.


By Sara Baroni



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