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Celia’s fantastic world

An apotheosis of femininity in high fashion creations from a knowledge that is both ancient and valuable

by Dina De Fina

The world of Celia Kritharioti is that of a young girl who always experienced a passion for beauty and hoped to create it ever since she was a child, when her family owned a fashion house dating back to 1906. In Athens, she dreamt of Paris and haute couture. A dream she made come true, creating her style, both bold and romantic, impeccably feminine but strong: lace, pearls, flowers, bows, embroidery, and feathers. Everything shines when her girls walk the runway with either
a petite robe or a red carpet evening dress. The press, like buyers, have their usual appointment in Paris to meet with Celia, who always welcomes then with a warm smile. She carefully chooses the most prestigious locations to present and promote her creations. In the aftermath of her show in Paris, within the prestigious Haute Couture calendar, she tells us of her memories, her desire to create something unique, and her latest inspiration, essentially a tribute to her mother.

What was your inspiration for this last couture collection?
The FW 2018-19 Couture Collection is dedicated to my mother and inspired by her. This was my third show in Paris. One of my mother’s biggest dreams. She was the one who made me love fashion. Ever since I was a little girl, we used to travel from Athens to Paris to watch all the couture shows.

Which outfit best represents the Celia Kritharioti style?
All my creations have to meet a specific requirement: make every woman who wears them feel unique! Whether it’s an embroidered piece made of French lace or one in constructed organza, a mini dress or a cat suit….

What does “Haute Couture” mean to you?
Couture is the most important and one of the most thrilling aspects of my life. It is hours and hours of working with your hands, of embroidering, of creating something that is unique.

Do you like the fact that people recognize your work?
It is an overwhelming feeling, and I feel honored that not only fashion designers and journalists recognize my work, but also friends and people who are not in the fashion industry who, for Celia Kritharioti example, will say to me: “I knew that Heidi Klum was wearing your creation even before reading it.” Social media, however, play a major role in this sense.

Where did everything start that allowed you to accomplish what you have achieved today?
I come from a family that is involved in fashion-oriented businesses. Even if I studied business, fashion entered my life naturally and inevitably. I started designing at the age of 18 for the family who owned the oldest fashion house in Athens.

How would you define your style?
Feminine, elegant, graceful with a hint of sexy.

Who are your fashion icons?
From Audrey Hepburn to Grace Kelly, from my female friends to young girls I see randomly on the streets of London, New York, and Athens. Any woman who is beautiful and independent, with a sense of style, could be my fashion icon.

What have you retained from your childhood?
My ability to dream, and I am lucky enough to see most of my dreams come true.

Your hope, you dream for the future?
To enjoy life with my family and friends, be able to continue working and create.

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Haute Couture, fall winter 2018 2019, Paris, Celia Kritharioti
Haute Couture, fall winter 2018 2019, Paris, Celia Kritharioti
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