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Knopf & Knopf International

Great design ideas and craftmanship


Knop&Knopf International, one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of buttons and trimmings, presents four new trends dedicated to women and two dedicated to men, which will be available on the market for the entire season. Knop&Knopf also offers a customized service for clients with specific needs. Lightness of Being is based on the motto, Less is more: the lightness of being is celebrated with materials that have always been popular, like metals and shiny surfaces, which respond to a request for sophistication and, at the same time, the desire for naturalness. For women, Close together: eliminates barriers, creating a link between countries and people. A theme that emphasizes the transition from spring to summer: light gray, shades of brown, splashes of yellow, and turquoise in a play on ethnic influences. Paradise Flash: vibrant colors, brightness and sparkle, structures inspired by nature and innovative materials. Without Age: geometric shapes and shimmering surfaces for a theme that is an ode to rebellion and youth. For men: Modern Nomad and East Meets West. In the first, rough surfaces meet opaque ones and, in the second, textures come to life in monochrome contexts, while classic trimmings and mother-of-pearl buttons are modernized.


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