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Jarrett Ink: the tattooed capsule collection by Jarrett

The keyword is fun !!!



On the occasion of the 85th edition of Pitti Bimbo in Florence, the Italian brand Jarrett surprised everyone by launching a truly contemporary and daring children’s footwear capsule collection!

Called Jarrett Ink, the new range was born from the creative efforts of the tattoo artists Matteo Cascetti and Tommaso Serpentini under the creative direction of Paolo Rossi, the brand product manager. The art of handmade craftsmanship is perfectly blended with the Made in Italy values and tradition of the brand based in the Marche region in Italy. The result? A super lovely capsule collection developed around two different creative moods. According to Cascetti, a natural world teeming with farm animals, as well as tigers and crocodiles, that peek out from the sneakers and a more surrealist look of the Serpentini’s graphics, populated by rams in love and piggy banks shaped like, you guessed it right, little piggies.

Playful and fun-filled footwear, characterised by bright colours and by unpredictable, hilarious and impactful material and colour combinations. The capsule collection consists of no less than 17 customisation options thanks to the possibility of combining characters and textures with each other, offering therefore a wide range of choices to the young end-consumers.

The Jarrett Ink capsule collection will most certainly be one the summer hits among trendy youngsters who, without any doubts, are going to love it !!!




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