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The choices to keep little feet warm in this autumn/winter 2015-16

Petites Pattes

The British hosiery brand creates products specifically designed for newborns, babies, and infants. The brand philosophy is to introduce an interactive experience between the customer and the product by offering unique designs and mix & match sock assortments. Cool and eccentric items, designed for parents who want to give a touch of fun to the daily routine, both for themselves and for their children. Playfulness is the key element of the brand, without ever forgetting practicality and comfort: Petites Pattes uses the best cotton fibers in order to protect children’s delicate skin.

PetitPates (1)




The GoBabyGo non-slip products are specially designed to give children the best possible advantage when they are learning to crawl and walk. Rubber pads on the knees, under the feet and on the toes prevent children from slipping on any type of surface, thus improving mobility and safety. As a child who can wander without hindrance is freer to explore the world, to play, to learn new things. All GoBabyGo products are designed in Denmark and made in Europe.

GoBabyGo Four Kids Crawling
GoBabyGo Girl In Tights and Socks
GoBabyGo Pink Tights Grey Kneepads



Bonnie Doon

A warm and woolly collection for Autumn/Winter 2015. The new range is divided into three different themes, ’Expressionist’, ‘Frozen’, and ‘Adventure’, each with its own unique characteristics. A generous use of black & white combined with colourful prints and graphic patterns with 3D effects emerges in the first theme. ‘Frozen’ offers faded patterns, blanket stripes, Norwegian knitwear motifs. ‘Adventure’ is the more “macho” of the themes and is inspired by nomad tribes with textures created with slub yarns and ribbed pattern.

Bonnie Doon (1)
Bonnie Doon (4)




One of the strengths of the slippers by the French brand is, without a doubt, innovation, apparent in the ergonomic non-slip soles that allow full adherence to all types of terrain. As well as the ventilation holes, designed so always ensure optimum temperature for the feet. Also, the design and the softness of the yarns that give a new look to the products for staying at home for young and old with comfort and playfulness. Among the many themes, the playful Play and the Japanese-inspired Poppi. The brand also offers stockings and tights in 30 different colours.

Collegien (2)
Collegien (1)


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