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Maison Signore fashion shows in Casert

On the catwalk, the worldwide premiere of the new 2019 collections. Signore Excellence, Victoria F, Seduction, and Giovanna Sbiroli presented in July in New York.


The Caserta showroom was the location where Maison Signore (www.maisonsignore.it) presented its new 2019 collections: Signore Excellence, Victoria F, Seduction, and Giovanna Sbiroli.

An industry leader in the production of wedding dresses, with more than forty years of activity in the bridal sector, more than two thousand square meters of showroom among its ateliers in Naples, Aversa and Caserta, a newly opened tailor shop in April,  four collections, and more than two hundred different models of wedding dresses created each year, Maison Signore has become a reference point in the industry and, today, its lines can be found in the most important showrooms in Italy, the US, and the Far East.

After having presented its collections in July in New York before a varied and international audience of future brides, the company made its way back home to delight its Italian brides, who have always been attentive to fashion and taste, making themselves the ambassadors of Made in Italy fashion all around the globe.