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“Les femmes de caractère sont Piqante”

The courageous upcycle approach of Piqante, a virgin brand of the Parisian-Tunisian panorama, is ready to establish itself with its ethics in the panorama of the global luxury sector


A “Piqante” globetrotter spirit is the basis of the new brand launched on June the 14th by Salma Jnifen at the Villa Kahina in Sidi Bou Saïd, Tunisia. The sparkling and modern spirit of the collection is elegantly influenced by the two countries of origin of the designer, respectively Tunisia and France. An imaginative union able to give a playful look to prestigious artisan pieces.

With headquarters in Paris and production in Tunisia, the brand boasts an approach in line with the emerging canons required by the sector, namely that of eco-sustainability, upcycle and slow fashion. The fabrics, in fact, comes from the recycles of the main fashion houses belonging to the luxury sector, in the laudable aim of marrying the elegant Parisian spirit with the know-how of the traditional Tunisian laboratories. The products are assembled by Tunisian women, courageous examples of incredible manual talent. The mix of natural materials, luxurious fabrics, colors and contemporary patterns are embellished by that retro flavor, able to emphasize the timelessness of the pieces.

The products’ launch, with its presentation, was displayed on a blue steel cactus (logo of the brand). Emphasizing a sexy appeal and an approach to responsible consumption the collection, which presents itself as a limited capsule edition, is based on the motto of the designer: “luxury is ethical and aesthetic”. We are talking about an ethical enhancement as well as the aesthetics of the products, which can be purchased at the “Musk and Amber Gallery” store in Lac Malären, Tunis.

by Sara Baroni

Soon on: www.piqante.com





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