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Łódź Young Fashion Award 2019

The youth fashion festival held from 22nd to 26th October in Łódź (Poland) served as a spotlight for a multitude of multi-faceted artists. The Łódź Young Fashion Award 2019 gala, organized by the Łódź Academy of Fine Arts in collaboration with the city itself, presented itself as a fascinating combination of attractions, including free workshops, vernissages, film screenings and a panel. dedicated to sustainable design.

On the occasion of the Graduation Gala in the evening, a series of young students were awarded, whose collections were able to express themselves to the best: among the winners’ names we find Agnieszka Szlaga and Magdalena Pupczyk. This year’s “Złota Nitka” award, now in its 26th edition, was awarded to Maciej Józwicki.

The Łódź Young Fashion Award 2019 International Competition, open to designers from all over the world, saw the awarding of the 30 thousand euro prize “The icon collection”: a collection by Marlou Breuls, who knew how to best interpret the “METROPOLIS” through a proposal with a submarine appeal.





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