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” Moreschi. Italian Footwear between Art and Craft” told in a book.

Moreschi celebrates 70 years in 2016 , manufacturer of superior craftsmanship footwear, with an annual production of about 250,000 pairs of shoes.
For the celebration, a book comes out  ” Moreschi. Italian Footwear between Art and Craft.”  published by Rizzoli and edited by Cristina Morozzi .


Among the pages illustrated with fascinating photographs of putting in practice the passion for quality and Italian craftsmanship, the secrets of the masters,  and the cult of beauty and excellence of Mario Moreschi firm and family born in Vigevano in 1946 .


Handmade shoes perfect in details: to produce Moreschi shoes are required from 250 to 300 manual steps .

Tradition and innovation coexist to meet the needs of the market flows and consumer tastes without altering the refined qualitatively demanding aesthetic, the precious materials, the comfortable fit.
A success enclosed in a book, the story of a family and of a mission now present in 40 flagship stores and in 85 countries in the world.


LOW_Francesco Gianbeppe Mario e Stefano Moreschi

Fotogruppo di famiglia : Francesco, Gianbeppe, Mario e Stefano Moreschi


pag 46_47 cronologia scarpe


pag 164-165 francesina jazz


pag 167 francesina su pittura



pag 188-189 sleep on camoscio stampa argento


pag 186-187 mocassino con domino



pag 136 doppia fibia su storica Singer


pag 82-83 oxford tricolor su pelli


pag 4-5, tavolo artigiano_forma storica


pag 148 artigiano cucitura mocassino


pag 95 tomaie su forma


pag 104-105 tomaie_ pelli


pag 140-141 doppia fibia limited edition