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North Sails partner of the ‘151miglia’

North Sails, founded in 1957 by the American champion sailor Lowell North, creates fast competition sails and technical and fashion clothing collections. Exploration and innovation are the fundamentals on which the brand has always been based in its close relationship with the ocean. Among the ongoing projects, the partnership with 151 Miglia-Trofeo Cetilar, the prestigious appointment for lovers of sailing boat races at its tenth edition.

Go Beyond“, North Sails’ motto that expresses the concept of going where others cannot get, is the passionate challenge also given by the tactical regatta 151 Miglia-Trofeo Cetilar to sailors, a race designed to enhance strategic qualities and to live emotions until the last mile.

The next 30-31 May and 1 June 2019 are scheduled in the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, starting from the waters between Livorno and Marina di Pisa up to Punta Ala.

For the occasion, North Sails will produce a line of highly technical premium garments that are ideal for both training and the actual regatta. The collection will feature ergonomic cuts, high-performance materials, latest-generation treatments and personalized with the 151 Miglia logo.

Furthermore, with the support of Worldrise, the brand continues to emphasize its constant commitment to protecting the oceans. <BT>