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Oriental Fashion Show: the bridge of a representative elegance between East and West

As would have happened in a Marcel Proust novel, thanks also to a madeleine, the air at the Hotel Ritz began to be magically tinged with a symphony and the scent of the Belle Époque. Elegance served as the setting for the presentation held last June 30 at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. The sophisticated halls of the renowned building, second home of Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, hosted the thirtieth edition of the Oriental Fashion Show, an event considered a showpiece of Eastern and European couture.

The symbolic place of the Parisian art de vivre turned out to be, as expected, the perfect symbol to represent the union between East and West. Strengthened by an avantgarde approach, the emotional burden of the event was based on the awareness that it is not possible to outline a solid future without drawing nourishment from the roots of one’s own tradition: an emblem of historical and cultural richness.

For the occasion of the Oriental Fashion Show it presented a jury of designers from various regions of the world, such as Russia, Central Asia, The Caucasus, Maghreb, etc. With fifteen years of specialised experience in the promotion of oriental culture behind him, the event was organised by Hind Joudar, founder and president of the Association of the Silk Road and Al Andalus (having already landed in Paris, London, Moscow, Marrakech, Istanbul, Kuwait City, Baku in Azerbaijan, Samarkand, Tashkent and Bukhara in Uzbekistan, Almaty in Kazakhstan, Doha in Qatar and lastly in Ulan-Bator in Mongolia).

The panorama of the OFS is widely enriched by a hundred designers covering over fifty different nationalities whose pride is to bring together historical French and Eastern know-how, creating an authentic bridge between these two cultures. Among the big names and brands we find “The Dior of Russia” Slava Zaïtsev, Zadorzi by Constella (Kazakhstan), Maleone (Azerbaijan), Fouad Guerfi (Algeria), Yasmina Cellali (Algeria), Aruanz by Nazym karpykova (Kazakhstan), Amina Lahbabi (Morocco), Lo Neel (France), Kengora (France-Mongolia), Hany El Behairy (Egypt).

By Sara Baroni



Yasmina ChellaliYasmina Chellali
Zardozi by ConstellaZardozi by Constella
Fouad GuerfiFouad Guerfi


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