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Special Jewellery: Oriental Undertones


The jewels by Mariella Pilato are precious souvenirs of an initiatory journey that starts in Sorrento in Italy and ends on the island of Bali. Her native town gives to her work the tones and rhythm of a mythical narrative inspired by Homeric adventures and by the Mediterranean cultural heritage. The destination to where she recently arrived offers new stylistic stimuli for the design of a collection forged according to local silversmithing techniques into refined ritual and tribal shapes.


Sometimes it is necessary to find their roots again so that the branches of your being can grow free and ready to face the challenges of life. This is what happened to Joelle Kharrat, a Lebanese designer who grew up in Europe, who founded the the Jojoba accessories brand in since 2008. Her collections re-elaborate with an unparalleled contemporary rock style references from the culture of the Middle East where jewels are crafted craftily according to the traditional technique of lost wax casting.


The pieces by Zineta Blank, formerly a model with a passion for jewellery and for travelling around the world, have been defined as ”Happy Jewels”. Her career as jewellery designer  begun for personal enjoyment by picking up colourful bracelets as mementos of her trips and eventually morphed into a job. Zineta does not define herself as a designer per se but rather as a maker of readymade free combinations designed to give energy and good humour to the wearer. Handmade unique pieces that are a source of spirituality and inner peace.


A little amazon and a bit odalisque, queen of the east and wild warrior: multiple references blend in the timeless elegance of Satellite, a Parisian jewellery brand whose creations look like a refined contemporary reinterpretation of the Belle Époque styles of the Ville Lumière. Swirling feathers and precious stones crafted by skilled goldsmiths reflect the ethnic taste of the founders of the bran who are constantly traveling to far-off places in search of dreamlike inspirations.

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