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Perfectly done

Real works of art are produced by Fabscarte, an atelier specialised in wall paintings and hand painted papers for interior design. Made with a pictorial flavour, or with nature-inspired images that are always reinvented, the artworks go through a intensive search process in terms of materials and colours. Fabscarte is in constant conver- sation with the world of art and as a matter of fact it col- laborates with several artists, the most recent one being the Australian Martyn Thompson. From the union of the passions of both parts involved, Midnight Moon Dust was born, a creation projecting a fairylike lunar landscape with craters, three-dimensional surfaces sprinkled with copper powder, silver splashes and metal patinas. A more romantic image is evoked by Rose Scented Mirage where colourful veils that appear and disappear from the mar- bled background have been painted with watercolours. In addition to experimenting with new artists and with dif- ferent extraction techniques, Fabscarte creates unique works on demand. The creations presented in its catalog are exclusive to the B&B Distribuzione showrooms.