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At the Palace of Venaria in Turin, the anthological exhibition of the great German photographer

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Peter Lindbergh is undoubtedly one of the greatest photographers who has ever appeared in a world so needy of innovation like the fashion world, yet, one that so easily gets used to things and gets bored if it does not perceive a perpetual change and a vision that looks towards the future. In the late 1980s, a young Peter Lindbergh entered this reality from Germany and became known for a kind of genre of images far-removed from the stereotypes of the decade of power dressing and color photography. He would shoot deliberately subtle black and white images, with models wearing very little make-up and their hair almost disheveled, clothes – although haute couture – always casual and photographed in unexpected places like dusty caves, windy winter beaches, deserted palaces falling into pieces, or in his studio with only strictly black curtains and flaking walls that peeped out from the sides. The 90s saw him as the absolute star of black and white in a decade that made black and white its pride and joy, and the minimalism used in clothing was perfect as the protagonist of photographs which were minimalist  by definition.  His  ultimate consecration took place starting in the year 2000, when he began to be recognized as one of the best describers of a world of fashion that was less glittery than what was expected and far deeper and conceptual. Today, he has become one of the “great wise men” of the universe of photography, loved and almost idolized by a host of young photographers who are inspired by his work towards reproducing the technique and concept behind a photographic approach that is decisively a counter current. The exhibition at the Palace of Venaria – curated by Thierry-Maxime Loriot – is one of those that are defined as “anthological”, with more than two hundred images that traverse thirty years of history. Palace of Venaria – Hall of the

Arts – from October 7th, 2017 to February 4th, 2018

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