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Re-Bello, the fashion challenge eco-sustainable.

Brand born in Bolzano in 2012 by the idea of ​​a group of three young entrepreneurs (Daniel Tocca, Daniel Sperandio and Emanuele Bacchin): design a real fashion brand dedicated to the concepts of responsibility and innovation, welding style, design and fashion to the issues of environmental compliance.

Re-Bello creates and produces total look fashion, Men and Women, with exclusive eco-friendly fibers and research centers supported by the most advanced universities.
An example? Product items made with yarns of eucalyptus, bamboo, organic cotton, recycled wool, cypress, nettle and PET from recycled water bottles.

Treating cuts, fit and performance applications, from every point of view, including the aesthetic.
Actually, Re-Bello produces its collections in Europe and seeks to find the raw materials in the same countries where there is the packaging of the clothes, under the supervision of croatian creative director Ivana Omazic .
Distributed in Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark and Japan.

The goal is to grow in Europe and overseas as early as next autumn- winter 2016-2017 collection . www.re-bello.com



Blake Knit
Samia Sweater
Victor Shirt
Richeard Bomber
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