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Reca Group: brand identity with creativity vision

Reca Group collaboates with the best luxury brands worldwide, constantly evolving to achieve increasingly prestigious goals.
By Barbara Tassara

The details, the labels, the components and everything else that define a fashion product, making it unique and instantly recognisable. This is the specific characteristic of the Reca Group, a company that creates and produces everything needed for instant brand recognition, from labels and tags to components and packaging solutions. Founded in Carpi in Italy in 1960 and always focused on a quest for uniqueness and exclusivity on behalf of the most prestigious international fashion brands and labels, the company has always been, and still is, led and managed by Paolo Diacci who, with contagious energy and enthusiasm, answers to the following questions by Collezioni Uomo.

Let’s Start With The Creative Aspects Of Your Work.
Creativity is an intuition. Creativity is having a vision. The planning and the very first steps of making a product follow a careful process of research in terms of design and in terms of which kind of communicative message will build and increase brand identity and brand recognisability. The sources that inspire us are the most diverse: travel, meetings, markets and boutiques, books and social media, art galleries, films, music and objects we are fond of as well as pure emotions.

What Are The Production Values Of Your Company And In Which Way Do They
Adhere To Made In Italy Values And Traditions?
The Italian manufacturing tradition is a bearer of sustainable values. The culture of Made in Italy is indeed a very important added value that characterises our company and our
products: we try our very best to preserve it, enhance it and protect it. Having said that, Reca Group also has a highly specialised young and dynamic team that constantly collaborated
with our partners in Europe and Asia.

What Are The Basic Rules For A Winning Label Or Packaging?

Formal simplicity and coherence in terms of shapes as well as coordinated colours and materials for every detail of the logo, the label, the packaging and every other aspect. We prefer essential streamlined designs and neutral colours because they have a longer shelf life in terms of communication. Tone-on-tone colours are definitely our first choice because they really make a difference. Furthermore, thanks to the introduction of new technologies, we can create truly unique and impossible to copy products.

What Label Would Best Represent You?

All of them. Yes indeed, all of them. One for each moment of the day, attitude, occasion, mood. I am very passionate about each and every segment of the fashion system, from casualwear to luxury. Last season, we introduced very advanced production systems such as, for example, embroidery machines that use yarns from the telecommunications division at NASA. Right now, I would go for a digital interactive accessory because of the perfect union of contemporary style and function.

Internationally recognised and appreciated as a leader in the components and accessories sector for the fashion industry, Reca Group is present in all major European and Asian markets. It also operates in Hong Kong, New York and Los Angeles where its strategically important offices aid the expansion in the USA and North African markets. The company is always able to provide customised logistic production solutions.


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