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Sacai a/w 2016/17

Construction and Deconstruction

Volumes and materials. An encore for the designer, Chitose Abe, the un­ disputed master of forms in their construction and deconstruction, for the
Sacai collection. Silhouettes that are defined and rendered graphic by zippers,ribbons, straps, and metal buckles. Bold shades of purple, navy, and burgundy in contrast with green, yellow, and mustard accents. Leitmotif of the entire line, a message:”Love Will Save The Day”. A styli­stic statement now embroidered on warm down jackets ,and applied to midi-skirts in pleated chiffon and lustrous velvet.

More pages in Collezioni Donna 171, autumn winter 2016-17

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Donna 171_web - Copy. jpg_Page_292
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