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Sì White Carpet by Sposaitalia Collezioni

Sì White Carpet by Sposaitalia Collezioni is a co-branding project in the world of bridal wear. A truly  prestigious fashion show, and a cult moment, with capsule collections to the fore created under the supervision of Giusi Ferrè, and the result of the work of several fashion designers and important companies in the industry. Starting off will be Blumarine, one of the most influential brands in fashion,  consolidating its collaboration with Bellantuono Bridal Group. Following will be Nicole Fashion Group, with influencer Paola Turani, then Tosca Spose with the Leitmotiv duo, Musani Couture with emerging designer Stefano de Lellis, Bellantuono Fashion Group paired together with Efisio Marras and, as special guest of the evening, Carlo Pignatelli. April 6th to 9th at fieramilanocity.

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