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“Such a perfect day…”

Photographer: Gaia Bonanomi @ FishEyeAgency
Stylist: Lucia Capelli @ Lucy.capelli
Stylist assistant: Giorgia Toscani
Hair and Make up: Giulia Gabbana per Kiko Cosmetics
Models: Amelie, Chloé, & Esther @ Annaemme Fashion Kids Agency
Location: Scuderia Il Picchio Asd

The Girls with Sonny Boy

Chloé: dress and little bag Valmax, sunglasses and shoes Zara Girl, socks Zara

Amelie: top and skirt Valmax, socks Zara, shoes Zara Girl

Esther: dress and shoes Valmax, socks Zara, hair band Galline Regine


On the left, Esther: Dress Mi.mi.sol, sunglasses Zara

On the right: Esther: dress Mi.mi.sol, boots Gallucci, socks Adidas


On the left, Amelie & Chloé: total look Monnalisa, shoes Zara Girl, socks Zara

On the right, Chloé and Ryan the duckling: top Miss Blumarine, skirt Stefano Cavalleri, bag Monnalisa


Amelie & Chloé with Lulu the sheep and Blanco the pony: total look Monnalisa, socks Zara, shoes Zara Girl


On the left, Esther: dress Kenzo Kids, boots Andrea Montelpare, scarf P.a.r.o.s.h.

On the right, Amelie and Lilly the little goat: dress Fun&Fun, maxicardigan Sarabanda, visor Zara Girl


On the left, Amelie with Nyra the barn owl: coat and scarf Monnalisa

On the right, Esther on Ciccio the horse: denim jacket and sunglasses Monnalisa, roll neck Zara Girl Basic, skirt Oopsy Daisy Baby Ink, socks Zara, boots Andrea Montelpare


Chloé: dress and headband Pan con Chocolate


On the left: boots Andrea Montelpare, socks Zara

On the right, Amelie and Blanco the pony: coat and shirt Monnalisa

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