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The Ogadenia Couture brand celebrates thirteen years of success

The Spanish brand Ogadenia Couture celebrates thirteen years of success in fashion. Based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, it manufactures wedding, formal, and cocktail dresses, as well as prêt-à-porter, Prêt à Couture, and high fashion, along with a line of lingerie and a series of accessories including  veils, tiaras, bags, and belts. Ogadenia Díaz – owner of the fashion house that has won  numerous awards, such as the “Premios Nacionales de la Moda”, “Dedal de Oro”, and “La Medalla Europea al mérito en el trabajo” – is recognized as one of the country’s most promising entrepreneurs. The designer states the success of her business as being based on several fundamental pillars: craftsmanship, innovation, and training.

She creates designs that also include Calado Canario needlework, a local artisanal craft that originated in 1918 with a group of women who wished to promote and pass on this textile tradition. Although inspired by the classics, her dresses also encompass innovative and avantgarde styles, able to meet the needs of a modern clientele. Ogadenia studies and elaborates on ballet, history, music, and all that is art. With great passion, enthusiasm, and dedication she conceives and sketches. Once her ideas are set, she carefully selects her fabrics. Her team of expert collaborators  then creates the dress models, with utmost attention given to the smallest detail, until the final product is achieved, guaranteeing high quality and a perfect fit. Ogadenia Couture presents its collections at international events, such as “Gran Canaria y Moda Cálida Bridal Collection” and “Pasarela Costura España”.