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A knitted world

Zegna Baruffa offers a truly comprehensive range of wonderful yarns. Starting from Cashwool, an authentic Made in Italy classic with 210 solid colours, melange and super melange: the result of a very careful selection of raw materials, more precisely pure wool, it is ethical, shiny, soft and always a very strong reference point for the world of high-end knitwear. The Performance range of wools is also born from years of experience and technology. Their features? They are water-repellent, anti-crease and crease-resistant, comfortable,
naturally elastic, breathable, The carded yarns are perfect for casual, multi-functional sportswear, while a nomadic, eccentric and slightly wild spirit pervades the animal print yarns with fur effects with a truly ethical spirit. Young fashion focuses on easy-wear, light and resistant winter denim. Magnetic appeal for the versatile, elegant and fluid theme, the Wool Excellence range while a dynamic style animates the fine, elastic, waterproof, high performance micro-threads sport wool offer. Refined feminine yarns in delicate and bright silk blends as well as warm and enveloping Cashmere Blends alongside the absolute purity of the top-end Luxury Cashmere collection, a perfect combination of refinement and comfort and naturalness.


baruffa lane borgosesia 2
baruffa lane borgosesia
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