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Unexpected Bride

AnnaGemma Milano


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Annagemma Lascari, the eclectic and talented creative director for Atelier Lascari, expert in couture clothing that she creates in her own studio in Milano Isola, presents ANNAGEMMA, a bridal/red carpet look collection. “Unexpected Bride”, the name that came to her last year while she was researching the collection, perfectly defines a new, pluralistic mannerism, unprecedented  for the bridal world, designing and translating the multiplicity of the female imaginary into dresses. Not only does  ANNAGEMMA’s “Unexpected Bride” have a dress “for every woman” –  the archetype of a feminine style that is different in character and form – but also a tried and true look, like in the world of fashion: a bridal /red carpet dress, associated with a platea of elegant and sophisticated haute couture accessories, which enhance it to its utmost potential or deconstruct it unpredictably, depending on what the wearer desires.

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