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Le Fix and Universal Works: an introspective reflection on transnational cooperation

Le Fix and Universal Works throw down the gauntlet to the reality of times like the current ones, marked and scarred by barriers, walls and divisions.

A symbolic powerful challenge based on cornerstones as pure and noble as friendship and mutual respect. In order to  strengthen and consolidate key concepts such as translational solidarity and cooperation, a collaboration between the Danish brand and the British label led to creation of a garment whose quality and refinement have become the emblem of the success that can be achieved through common objectives.

Available from December 8th at selected retailers, a limited run of 50 bomber jackets designed by Benny Kusk, creative director at Le Fix, explore the border zone between vintage fashion  and contemporary streetwear.

A priceless item for lovers of refinement, the jacket is made of fine melton wool and characterised by the incisive interchangeable hand embroidered badges, depicting Britain and Denmark shaking hands, in an attempt to emphasise in a humble and magnificently imperfect manner concepts such as community and cooperation.

By Sara Baroni



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