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Out of the box style: Italian brands presents two new labels

Rebellion and anti-conformism, ways of being that represent the wardrobe of the new Millennials. Streetwear has always been synonymous with a style outside the box, and thanks to PARENTAL ADVISORY and SLASH for NASA labels, Italian Brands company perfectly fits into the language of the new generations.

Founded in 1995 and posted by the Recording Industry Association of America on US audio files containing blasphemous language, Parental Advisory is a well-established label that appeared for the first time on Alexander Wang’s catwalk. Worn by celebrities such as Rihanna and Beyoncé, it has been a viral success and is now an iconic collection, chosen by many teen-idols and by the well-known influencer Ludovica Pagani.

Slash for NASA 2019 is instead a celebrative collection, dedicated to innovation and to the first space missions, created by the designer Heron Preston and already distributed in many luxury stores such as Luisaviaroma. A “space” tribute that comes to life from the famous NASA logo and that is now developing several co-brandings, among which the Vans brand project stands out.


By Lidia Casari

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Sport&Street86 January'19
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