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Barbie, from a glamorous makeover by Moschino to an exhibition at Mudec in Milan

A brand new look by Moschino for Barbara Millicent Robert, a.k.a. Barbie, the most famous doll in the world.

Once again, Jeremy Scott, the creative director of the iconic Italian brand, could not resist the irresistible charm of Barbie, who he already chose as muse of the Spring/Summer 2015 collection and for the 28 piece capsule collection sold in Autumn/Winter 2014. This time, the iconoclastic American designer created two limited edition collectible dolls and another capsule collection of eight ready-to-wear pieces and accessories.

“I wanted to transfer on Barbie all the most representative elements of Moschino” said Jeremy Scott, adding “Barbie is a muse for me as she is the most iconic California girl with the perfect look for any occasion: there is no task that she cannot do or a place where she cannot go”.

The two dolls therefore are in looks created with a combination of very Moschino garments, like T-shirts with slogans, mesh top and trousers, leather bomber jacket, pencil skirt, accessorised with sunglasses, logo leather hat, earrings, necklaces, the classic belt with golden chain and Moschino lettering, shopper, backpack, quilted biker bag. Some of these pieces, to be more precise the T-shirt, top, trousers, biker bag, belt, earrings and two T-shirts with the image of the two Barbie dressed in Moschino, are available in adult sizes.

The two dolls and the capsule collection are available from November 9th exclusively on the e-commerce site Net A Porter and on the Moschino official website.


Photographer Dennis Di Laura Stylist Machiko

Moschino Barbie Doll 02

But the new Moschino look is not the only new development for Barbie. As a matter of fact, the Museo delle Culture in Milan, also know as Mudec, has dedicated the ‘Barbie. The Icon’ exhibition to this authentic global icon who in the course of 56 years has managed, and still manages, to knock down all cultural, social, anthropological and linguistic barriers. As clearly proven by the fact that for more than half a century she has represented more than fifty different nationalities.

Comprising of five different section and an introductory room called ‘Who is Barbie?’, the exhibition tells the extraordinary story of an incredible doll that, according to the exhibition curator Massimiliano Capella, is “a mirror for global imagination”. The Mudec will host the exhibition from November 28th 2005 to March 13th 2016.

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